PHU Tormex

Our Firm offers state of the art technology for securing glass surfaces against burglary as well as against excessive sunlight with the use of window foils. You are invited to visit the window foils page, where we present a description of the individual kinds of foils offered by us.

We offer renovation-construction services in full scope. We are prepared to execute raw state of a building, as well as entire interior decoration according to architectural design and following any investor’s arrangement.

We also perform assembly and installation of ATMs indoors and outdoors. Our principal customers are: BPH S.A., BOS S.A., BGZ S.A., INVEST BANK, PEKAO BP.

You are welcome to cooperate.


Street: Maja 96 A
Post code and city: 05-420 Józefów
Phone: 601-35-53-06
Phone: 500-388-805
Fax: 22 789-67-56